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The Best of Land and Sea

Situated in the Sky Lounge at the very top of Grand Luxxe’s new Tower 5, Quinto offers guests fine dining service set within a relaxed yet luxurious atmosphere, with breathtaking views of Banderas Bay, the Ameca River, and the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Rib Eye Cap

Rib Eye Tenderloin Steak

Any steak aficionado knows the tenderloin is the most tender cut, and the rib eye is the most flavorful. Welcome to the best of both worlds. The rib eye cap is flash-cooked on our charcoal grill to buttery, umami perfection—this is one steak you’ll surely want to savor.

Location & Hours

Sky Lounge at Grand Luxxe Tower 5

Monday – Sunday 11 AM – 11 PM
Chef: David Vidales